• Running A Storython on EU Migration » 27 Nov 2014
    Earlier this month, I acted as moderator and technical lead at a Berlin hackday for journalists, data scientists, activists and others to tell stories about EU migration.
  • Spies, Art and Monsters » 26 Oct 2014
    The rich and creepy aesthetic of the surveillance state
  • Project: Building-in Privacy » 15 Sep 2014
    People are blocking their webcams in a desperate, DIY effort to regain privacy.
  • Project: Designing hackdays » 10 Aug 2014
    20 skilled, proactive people gather in a room to create something with impact. How will we make it work?
  • Project: Going open-source with cryptopals » 06 Aug 2014
    cryptopals is a personal side-project to stimulate the uptake of email encryption. Now I'm putting it on Github to push it forward.
  • Thought: Beyond annotations » 28 Jul 2014
    Annotations will supersede comments systems. The decentralized implementation also offers novel applications to further enrich the web as we know it.
  • Thought: Web reputation as credit and more » 23 Jun 2014
    The reputation economy will soon create new and unknown mechanisms of value.
  • Thought: Who has nothing to hide » 20 Jun 2014
    The idea that you have nothing to hide so nothing to fear is often used to undermine the urgency of surveillance opposition. It also shapes our psychology as we carelessly wander the web, leaving trails and thoughts for profilers to view us intimately.
  • Thought: Equality in software vulnerability » 15 Jun 2014
    Distributed computer bugs, as exploited by hackers and cyber military agents, equalise the networked world.
  • Project: Hope Hamper debrief » 23 Apr 2014
    We have just decommissioned the most recent Microsplash creation. The site professed to offer a rather offensive food delivery box aimed at the poor, tactically deployed to stimulate debate.
  • Tutorial: How to encrypt your email » 12 Apr 2014
    A basic tutorial in email encryption
  • Project: A thinking retreat for future’s sake » 26 Mar 2014
    As technology hurtles on, our lives are altered in ways we may not understand or accept. Some say that the pace of change is greater than ever and accelerating. Personal efforts to keep up are important for a confident, happy existence. Even those who do keep up often feel aspects of their human faculties wither and warp.
  • Coming event: Technology for Humans » 07 Mar 2014
    This March we host Technology for Humans, a two-day residential event exploring what it is to be an engaged human within the fast unfolding reality of technological change.
  • Article: Saving Privacy from Deformed Democracy » 14 Feb 2014
    With focus on the government's grip over surveillance, the public debate over privacy has ignored citizen-led data initiatives to regain power in the digital age.
  • Project: Get an encrypted email pal » 07 Feb 2014
    As interest grows in data self-defence, more people are learning to encrypt their own emails. Often, they will learn the skills but find they have nobody to practice with.
  • Thoughts: Web novelties » 23 Oct 2013

    The ground for fruity yet important web developments is fertile. Here is a mixed, exploratory list of possible, progressive and miscellaneous project sketches.