DAOs for future orgs

  • Testing A Dao For Local Organizing » 20 May 2023
    DAOs could help small orgs so we must experiment
  • Dao Visions » 14 May 2023
    DAOs could be transformational organisational tools, ripe for experiment.
  • Why use a DAO in your organisation » 01 May 2023
    People often ask “why use a DAO or a blockchain in an organisational context”?
  • Handling AI

  • Lists To Guide Standards » 08 Apr 2024
    Curated lists can guide standards in AI and tech
  • Larping Ai Regulation » 18 May 2023
    Using role-play games to build citizen confidence in regulating AI.
  • Digital detox

  • Escape the Digital: Detox journey » 29 Apr 2024
    Many of us feel like slaves to digital devices. Could we survive without them? This day-long game supports and challenges you to forge analogue habits to prove you can escape the digital.
  • Project: A thinking retreat for future’s sake » 26 Mar 2014
    As technology hurtles on, our lives are altered in ways we may not understand or accept. Some say that the pace of change is greater than ever and accelerating. Personal efforts to keep up are important for a confident, happy existence. Even those who do keep up often feel aspects of their human faculties wither and warp.
  • Archive

  • Spies, Art and Monsters » 26 Oct 2014
    The rich and creepy aesthetic of the surveillance state
  • Project: Building-in Privacy » 15 Sep 2014
    People are blocking their webcams in a desperate, DIY effort to regain privacy.
  • Thought: Beyond annotations » 28 Jul 2014
    Annotations will supersede comments systems. The decentralized implementation also offers novel applications to further enrich the web as we know it.
  • Thought: Web reputation as credit and more » 23 Jun 2014
    The reputation economy will soon create new and unknown mechanisms of value.