14 May 2023

Visionary possibilities of DAOs

One of the reasons that DAOs excite is that they offer flexible customisations to organisational work.

For example, a cooperative might previously have made decisions, one vote per person, at occasional face-to-face meetings. DAOs can allow members to vote transparently, in specialised sub-groups, with weighted votes (e.g. according to commitment to the group), with immediate and complex outcomes, and much more. Membership can be flexible and tokenised meaning that people can join the group by various methods like buying tokens, or earning them in many different ways. It’s all customisable and can be engineered to suit the needs and values of the org.

These options means we can design totally new organisational structures.


“Here’s a basic guide to setting up the tools to create and use a DAO, as an administrator or a user.” https://www.crypticalstudios.com/how-to-dao

“…the possibility to assign ownership to the users and contributors to a network protocol in a peer-to-peer way opens up new ways to conceive of organisational models beyond current private property and value extraction. Or better, it may enable us to revitalise the minor forms of organising that are poorly served by today’s collapsing legacy institutions – such as cooperatives, friends’ groups, and event-based collectives.” Laura Lotti